My name is Otto Bäckström and Im a Digital Designer student, currently living in Kviberg, Goteborg. Right now im looking for a job.

team platina

I did this as an exam-job. It was a colaboration together with my classmate. The idea came when we sat together and spawned for ideas for the upcoming exam, both of us had a relation to the label and liked it. So we contacted the independent label Team Platina and got green light.🚦

The plan was to build a whole new site to the label beacause the existing site were not responsive and needed a big cleanup.


The organization Island of Light came to us and asked for some creative and interactive ideas for the light festival in Smögen, Sweden. They wanted something that people could interact with, each year there come around 50.000 people to the festival.

I wanted to do something that showed where diffrent visitors came from around the world. And therefore a made an prototype of an app that when used could place people on a big map on the ground at the festival.💡

fictional shoe ad

The task was to make a shoe ad. I picked Reebok as the shoe i wanted to work with. Our guidelines was that the movie should be around 30 seconds, but not much more specific information. We worked with premiere pro and after effects.

The movie takes place in Goteborg and more specific the Majorna district. The surroundings made the film more authentic and the fact that its shot on the same spot but in different times of day makes it even cooler💡

brv agency / migaloo

I started my internship at BRV Agency and Migaloo in the end of 2019. My role will be as a Digital Designer. The workplace is devided in two branches, Migaloo, the content section and Brave, the startup section. The workplace is nice and so the people.

I've done some content for their customers and also some internal work. 💡